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The holiday flats are located near Neukirch in Oberrussenried at about 570 meters.
The central location within the boarder triangle offers excursion possibilities for all seasons:

Lake Constance, the Alps, Austria and Switzerland.


- Train station Meckenbeuren:  14km

- Airport Friedrichshafen:           15km

- Tettnang:           9km

- Langenargen: 16km

- Ravensburg:   17km

- Lindau:     22km

- Bregenz:   28km

- Konstanz: 47km

- Zurich:      157km

- Munich:    177km

- Stuttgart:  203km

Neukirch lies between Tettnang and Wangen at the foot of the Alps near Lake Constance.

Lake Constance, Upper Swabia and the Allgäu - these are delightful recreational landscapes to the alpine chain and the largest inland lake in Europe.

In this beautiful landscape you can also cultivate or discover your hobby on holiday, biking and hiking are worthwhile everywhere. Forests, meadows, small ponds, mountains, as well as palaces and castles are beautiful excursion destinations.
The Upper Swabian baroque route will take you through Upper Swabia and Allgaeu, a beautiful drive in a idyllic scenery.

And not to forget the tree blossom in spring in the "largest orchard" of Baden-Württemberg.

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